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10 Awesome Bitcoin Gift Ideas for this Christmas

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Christmas is coming, the bitcoin price is rising and you are wondering what to buy as a present. We've selected 10 awesome bitcoin gifts that you can give this christmas.

New Standard Weights for the Chinese Panda Coins 2016

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In this years design of the Chinese Panda coins we find a difference in weights that possibly starts a new era for the Chinese coins. The coins will be distributed as a 30g, 15g, 8g, 3g and 1g edition. While the 2015 edition generated some annoyance with investors because there was no mention of the amount of grams or ounce on the coin, this year those people will be satisfied. The 2016 version has a clear gram indication on the bottom of the coin. Additionally the purity of the coin has been added as well and is displayed as an AG .999 purity next to the weight. The coin is legal tender in China, and the 30g gold coin will display a face value of 500 yuan.

For the silver coins the 30g china panda is the only available coin. The half ounce edition from 2015 will not be maintained in 2016.