bitcoin black friday Bitgild

1 oz silver bitcoin 

The first 40 orders will receive a free 1 oz silver bitcoin with a value of €25. 

About The Coin

The bitcoin specie cold hard cash coin was originaly designed and created by Joseph Vaugn Sterling back in 2013. It’s a 1-ounce silver coin, with a fineness of 0.99.

The coins are denominated in bitcoin. The first batch of 2013 had a denomination value of 0.25BTC when the bitcoin price was around 100 dollars per bitcoin.  The new batch of 2014 was denominated with 10mBTC (0.01BTC) when bitcoin was hovering around 2400 dollars.



The QR code on the reverse of the coin can be scanned. It will lead to this page, where you can check the actual value in bitcoin of 1-ounce silver.  The unique feature of this coin is that you can check at any moment in time whether the silver value in bitcoin has increased or decreased compared to the initial mint date in 2014.

The coin is also a perfect gift to someone who is getting started with investing in precious metals or cryptocurrencies.

Important note, the coin itself does not hold any bitcoin and is a pure 1 oz silver coin. 

   1. money in the form of coins rather than notes.

Black friday rules

Only on black friday!

This offer is only valid at 27-11-2020.