Store with confidence

Your gold is stored with state of the art security. We work with Loomis international to meet the high quality standards for gold storage.

Fully insured & audited

The vaults are audited once a year by Deloitte and your gold is fully insured through our insurance policy

Sell when you want

Decide when you want to sell your gold and payout in bitcoins.

Store your gold in our vaults

When it comes to securing and storing your precious metals, you do not want to make any compromises. Bitgild works together with Lomis international to provide the highest grade of security for your metals and has implemented state of the art security technology to make sure your goods are absolutely safe. We can securely store and secure orders well above €10.000. You will always keep the sole owner of your metals at any time. The benefit of storing the gold with us, is that you can easily sell it back to us at any time you want. It goes without saying that you can also ship the gold to your home at any time.

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