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Krugerrand, 1oz Gold, mixed years

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South African Mint

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Country: South Africa
Weight: 31.1035g
Series: Krugerrand
Mint: Rand Refinery South Africa
Mintage: unlimited
Purity: 916.7/1000
Diameter, mm: 32.77
Thickness, mm: 2.84
Currency: Rand
Product packaging: Sachet

The Krugerrand from South Africa, first minted in 1967, was the first gold coin to contain precisely one ounce of fine gold and intended as created to provide a vehicle for the private ownership of gold. By bestowing legal tender status upon the coin, Krugerrands could be owned by citizens of the United States, who at that time were prohibited private ownership of bullion, but allowed ownership of foreign coins. The reverse depicts a springbok, one of the national symbols of South Africa. The name 'South Africa' and the gold content are shown in both Afrikaans and English. The Krugerrand gets its name from Paul Kruger, featured on the obverse, president of the old South African Republic.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Sort Coin
fineness 0.917
Condition No
Weight 31.1000
Country South Africa
Manufacturer South African Mint
Year No

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Krugerrand, 1oz Gold, mixed years