Maple Leaf

The Canadian Maple Leaf bullion coins are one of the most famous and sought after gold and silver bullion coins in the world. Read more about the Canadian Maple leaf.

Canadian Maple Leaf bullion coin

The Canadian Maple Leaf bullion coins are the official bullion coin from Canada. Next to the South African Krugerrand, they are one of the most popular gold bullion coins available in the world. An important difference between the Krugerrand and the Canadian maple leaf is that the latter have a higher purity. The first Maple Leaf Coin was struck in 1979 at 99.9% purity. This was the 1oz $50 gold bullion coin. In 1982 the Royal Canadian mint started producing gold bullion coins at 99.99% pure gold (.9999 millesimal fineness). This made the Canadian Maple leaf the first 99.99% pure gold bullion coin in the world. The quality and the purity is guaranteed by both the Canadian government and the Royal Mint. The Canadian Maple Leaf coins have an exquisite design. The innovative laser technology used by the Canadian Mint makes it possible to engrave a highly detailed image. The reverse side of the coin shows a leaf of the iconic Canadian maple tree with stunning delicacy. The refined and detailed design also makes it very difficult to counterfeit the gold coin, thus serving as security feature as well. The obverse side also depicts the purity and the weight of the gold coin. The letters 'Canada' have been printed at the top above the leaf clearly stating its country of origin. The obverse side of the Coin portrays the image of Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II. This effigy was created by the artist Susanna Blunt in 2003.

The Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint is headquartered in central Ottawa. Back when it was still called the Ottawa Branch of the Royal Mint, the first gold coin was struck in 1908. The mint now has two facilities (Ottawa and Winnipeg) and a newly opened storefront in Vancouver.Since 2005, the Canadian Mint is the only Mint in the world that strikes 99.999% pure gold bullion coins. The Royal Canadian Mint has also product five so called 'Million Dollar Coins'. These coins weigh 100kg, have a $1 million face value and have 99.999% purity. If you ever get your hands on one, be sure to send us a picture of these rare coins.Besides the Golden Maple Leaf coins, the Royal Canadian Mint also produces trade bars, gold wafers and gold kilo bars. Be sure to see the rest of Bitgild’s assortiment, and buy gold and silver online.

Maple Leaf Gold coins

The Maple Leaf gold coins are available in five different sizes, all at 99.99% purity (24 carats). All the coins have a legal tender status in Canada for their face values under the Canadian Currency Act and the Royal Canadian Mint Act. The coins are all identical in their design, except for the markings that state the face value and weight of the coin. All gold coins are weighed three time to ensure that they contain no less than the guaranteed weight (silver coins are weighed twice). They weighing happens when the coin is still blank, when it has been struck, and when it has been packaged.

Maple Leaf Silver coins

The silver Maple Leaf coins have been minted since 1988. Since then they have been struck every year. These silver coins are amongst the purest silver coins in the world as they are minted in .9999 fine silver. The obverse side of the coin show the effigy of Queen Elisabeth II and the reverse side shows the Canadian Maple Leaf and includes the text "Fine Silver (weight) oz argent pur". Although the basic design of these coins has been the same since they were first issued, minor annual changes have taken place. For instance, in 1999, many but not all Silver Maple Leaf coins that were issued came with a privy mark to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the RCM Maple Leaf Program. Various other commemorate coins have also been issued. The 1996 and 1997 versions of the Maple leaf were limited in mintage and are therefore usually more expensive to come by.