1 oz Goud Bitcoin | 2022


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Representing the value of gold expressed in millibitcoins (1/1000 BTC) on the day of its design, this coin is loaded with interesting features to enjoy. To check the live price of gold in bitcoin. Check our page here

The coin captures the relationship between gold and Bitcoin. This coin is legal tender and a very limited mintage of 500. Binary code along the outer edge of the coin reveals the name ‘Satoshi’, Bitcoin’s mysterious inventor.

The 1 oz Gold Bitcoin contains 1 oz of pure 999.9/1000 gold , has a face value of 100 Niue dollars and can be used as legal tender. Its slick and innovative design makes for a truly unique and beautiful coin.

Previous versions

    • Bitcoin 2021: 42 mBtc
    • Bitcoin 2022: 41 mBtc

Gewicht: 31.1035g
Zuiverheid: 999.9/1000
Oplage: 500
Nominale waarde: 100
Diameter, mm: 40
Valuta: Niue Dollar
Dikte, mm: 2.37
Verpakking: Plastic capsule en collector’s doos
Bulk verpakking: 25 per tube, 250 per box

Extra informatie

Gewicht 31.1035 g

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