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Buy bullion with credit card. Fast and discreet shipment delivered to your doorstep. 100% insured. 

*all payments protected with 3d secure

buy gold with credit card
buy gold with mastercard
buy gold with visa

Buy bullion with credit card

Buy your bullion with creditcard at Bitgild. We accept the major credit cards like MasterCard and Visa to purchase gold with credit card. Your creditcard will be charged directly after your payment on the website so we can lock in the gold price for you. To ensure maximum security for you and us, all creditcard payments for gold will use 3d secure. 


Can I buy gold with credit card?

You can buy gold and silver with a credit card at bitgild. You can purchase gold with Mastercard and Visa. All transactions are secured with 3d secure, to ensure a smooth and safe payment. 

What creditcards are supported?

Currently we accept visa and mastercard creditcards for purchases with gold and silver. We currently do not accept payments made with AMEX or Discover because of it’s increased incidents and risk of fraud.

Is my gold insured?

All our orders are 100% insured. Before shipment, everything is carefully videotaped and discretly packaged. During transport it’s gps tracked and even then, in case of a loss, your are fully insured by our additional insurance. 

Buy your gold with creditcard

Shipment within 1 day, discreetly packaged and 100% insured.