Delivery and Shipping

Shipping gold and silver

Below you will find a table with our shipping prices per country. We usually ship within 1 day for orders inside the EU. Due to fluctuating demand it can happen that a product is temporarily out of stock. We will inform you and update you with an estimated shipping time in case there are unaccounted delays. Orders for countries outside the EU may take longer to be processed. We always strive to fulfil the orders as fast as we can.

Packaging and security

We take great care of your valuables, and no matter the size of your order, all orders are subject to our very high packaging and shipments standards. We have taken multiple extra precautions to secure your shipment. Besides videotaping the entire packaging process, your package is also encrypted with a secret code that you will receive after shipment. This code contains the weight of the package on arrival. If anything happens during transport you will be able to verify this upon reception. Your package is discretely and securely packaged so nobody will know the content of the package without opening and seriously damaging the package.

Our shipment guarantee

Secure gold and silver shipments are our specialty. Therefore we offer all our customers the guarantee that we deliver.
Get a 100% refund, if we are unable to deliver the goods to you. No exceptions.

Please note that all values below are in Dollars.

Country less than $1000 $1.000+
Austria 19.95 Free
Belgium 19.95 Free
Bulgaria 19.95 Free
Canada 39.95 Free
Croatia* 19.95 Free
Cyprus 39.95 Free
Czech Republic 19.95 Free
Denmark 19.95 Free
Estonia 19.95 Free
Finland* 19.95 Free
France 19.95 Free
Germany 19.95 Free
Greece 24.95 Free
Hungary 19.95 Free
Ireland 19.95 Free
Italy 19.95 Free
Lithuania 19.95 Free
Luxembourg 19.95 Free
Latvia 19.95 Free
Malta 19.95 Free
Netherlands 19.95 Free
Norway 19.95 Free
Poland 19.95 Free
Portugal 19.95 Free
Romania 19.95 Free
Singapore 39.95 Free
Slovakia 19.95 Free
Slovenia 19.95 Free
Spain 19.95 Free
Sweden* 19.95 Free
Switzerland* 39.95 Free
United Kingdom 19.95 Free

* cities in rural areas may have higher shippings costs