Heraeus Gold Bar

Heraeus gold bars are distributed and manufactured by Argor-Heraeus in Switzerland. They have been minting gold bars since 1952. The Argor-Heraeus gold bars satisfy LBMA Good Delivery standards in terms of purity. They contain 999.9 parts of pure gold per thousand giving them the so-called four nines purity. For special purposes they are also able to produce ‘five nines’ (999.99) purity. This is the highest in the market..

Argor-Heraeus gold bars

Argor-Heraeus is largely recognized as the LBMA-accredited refiner to have created minted gold bars. Since 2011 all Heraeus gold bars minted by Argor-Heraeus are bear a serial number and come with a certificate that includes the corresponding serial number to prove its authenticity. The refinery produces the following gold bars, all at 999.9 purity:

Gold Cast bars

  • 10 tolas (3/8 troy ounce)
  • 100 grams
  • 250 grams
  • 500 grams
  • 1000 grams

Minted bars

Packaged with a credit card size certificate and sealed in a environmental friendly PET container.
  • 1 gram
  • 2 grams
  • 5 grams
  • 10 grams
  • 1 oz
  • 20 grams
  • 50 grams
  • 100 grams

Heraeus Kinebar and the kinegram

The kinebars are made with a unique holographic technology making it very difficult to counterfeit them. The holographic embodiment is called a kinegram. Argor-Heraeus is the sole refiner to apply this technique. Essentially, a kinegram is a hologram on a gold bar that serves purpose as a security feature and visual appeal. It is created by micro-stamping a two dimensional computer generated image. The Argor-Heraeus kinebars have been minted with the kinegram since December 1993. The kinebar is now a trademark registered by the Union Bank of Switzerland. The standard range of kinebars issued were: 20g, 10g, 5g, 2g, 1g and 1 oz. In 2012, two further kinebars were distributed: the 50g and the 100g kinebar.

Argor-Heraeus – famous for their gold bars

Argor-Heraeus is a private company. A common misconception is that the Heraeus gold bars are refined by the Heraeus company in Germany. This is not true. The gold bars are refined in Switzerland. The Argor-Heraeus is partially owned by the German Heraeus Holding GmbH. However, also the Austrian Mint, Commerzbank International SA and Argor- Heraeus management are owners of Argor-Heraeus, whose headquarters are located in Mendrisio in the south of Switzerland. The refining of the gold and the manufacturing of Heraeus gold barstakes place in this location. Originally found 1951 as Argor SA in Chiasso Switzerland, the Union Bank of Switzerland acquired full ownership in 1973. Previously the Union Bank of Switzerland had already acquired 80% of Argor in 1960. The Argor-Heraeus company came into existence by a joint-venture between the Union Bank of Switzerland and Heraeus GmbH. Later, in 1999, the Union Bank of Switzerland withdrew from the joint-venture and Heraeus and Argor-Heraeus management took hold of the organization. The Commerzbank International SA also became a shareholder (1999), followed by the Austrian mint in 2002.
The family owned Heraeus business came into existence in 1851. Currently, the company has more than 12000 employees in over 100 subsidiary companies across the globe. Their different business groups focus on precious metals, special materials and technologies, biomaterials, medical and pharmaceutical products, quartz glass, specialty light sources and sensors. Holding more than 5300 patents and having over 550 Research and Design employees, they have a solid focus on innovating the industry. Their turnover in 2012 accounted for €4.2 billion in product revenues and precious metal trading revenue of €16.0 billion. When looking at turnover, this makes Heraeus one of Germany’s largest businesses. The company start in 1851 when young pharmacist and chemist Wilhelm Carl Heraeus took over his father’s Apothecary at the age of 24. He created a glass oxyhydrogen blowpipe which made it possible to successfully melt platinum in large quantities. This was a true revolution at the time. The company has been a leading innovator its branch ever since. Besides minting Heraeus gold bars, they also supply products to manufacturing companies in the aerospace and automotive sector, the chemical and steel industry, telecommunications, and medical technology. Argor-Heraeus focusses on producing gold bars, gold coins and medals, semi-finished gold products for the watch and jewelry industry, gold refinement, scrap recycling and precious metals services and logistics. The gold refining methods used by Argor-Heraeus include electrolysis and wet chemical processes. The annual refining capacity is around 400 tons fine gold

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