Frequently asked questions

What are margine scheme products / vat free products?
Within the EU, all of our silver bullion coins are sold under the so-called margin scheme. This scheme dictates that regular VAT does not need to be levied on these products. Instead, VAT only needs to be paid on the ‘dealers’ margin on these products. These prices are automatically incorporated in the product prices of silver bullion coins on Bitgild. You will still pay the standard rate of VAT, however, you won’t pay it on the whole price. The actual VAT that you will pay on your pre-owned silver is almost negligible. This makes silver coins and bars very attractive to investors looking to buy cheap silver bullion.

Products that are subject to this margin scheme are clearly marked on Bitgild with the ‘VAT FREE’ sticker. On the invoice, these products will not show VAT and are labeled as “sold under the margin scheme”. For customers outside the EU we will ship gold and silver with 0% tax on the invoice. Your local customs may charge you with VAT or import tax, this is determined by your local customs, not by Bitgild.

Who are you, can I trust Bitgild.com
Their are several ways you can verify our identity:

We are registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KVK) by the following number: 71750797 Our international VAT number: NL199885564B01 (you can verify it by clicking on the number) Read real reviews from our customers provided by yotpo at our topic at bitcointalk or at bittrust.org.

How long does it take to ship to my country?
If you are within the EU processing of your order normally takes 1-2 working days after which it will be shipped. 90% of our products are on stock and will ship immediately, however due to fluctuating demand it can happen that a product is temporarily out of stock. We will inform you and update you with an estimated shipping time in case there are unaccounted delays.

If your are a non-EU customer orders may take up to 1 week to be processed due customs clearing.

Is the item I want to buy on stock?
9 out of 10 times the items you see on the website are in stock. If items our out of stock we will take them of the website and put them back online when they are available again.
I am trying to order with bitcoin but I get the message “Order not paid for. Please pay first and then Place your Order”
Once you see the bitpay invoice their are 3 ways how you can pay the invoice:
1. You can scan the QR code with your mobile wallet. Once you paid, the invoice will automatically refresh and tell you that it’s paid.
2. You pay directly to the bitcoin address that is on the invoice from your wallet or exchange account like Kraken, Binance or Bitstamp. After you made the transaction, the invoice will automatically refresh and tell you that it’s paid.
3. You use a 3rd party application on your phone or computer and hit the “pay with bitcoin” button. This button only works if you actually have 3rd party software installed. If you don’t, this button will do nothing.
Which bitcoin rate do you use for payment?
The prices on the website are based on the bitcoin average exchange rates and are updated every 3 minutes. More information on how those are calculated can be found here. The most accurate bitcoin price will be calculated once you receive the Btcpay Invoice.
Do I need an ID if I order from bitgild.com?
All transactions from EU customers that have a value of €10.000 or larger, or cumulative transactions that add up to this amount, trigger the Dutch money laundering act. For these transactions a valid and official government identification needs to be provided. Your privacy is our priority, therefore we use a 3rd party provider, Yoti, that can verify your identiy without sharing any sensitive data with us. We will never ask you to share a copy of your passport or ID with us! You are always in control of which data you share with us.

For orders outside of the EU we also require proof of identification for all orders over €10.000 (+/- 12000 Dollars) or for multiple smaller orders from 1 customer that add up to this amount.
The bitcoin price in the shopping cart is higher or lower than on the invoice, how is that possible?

Please know that the bitcoin prices shown on the website are just estimations. We are using the bitpay exchange rates for the calculation. We update these prices every 5 minutes so there is a very good chance that your bitcoin price is a bit off when you get to see the final invoice. The price that is calculated by bitpay on the invoice is the most accurate bitcoin price.