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Just fill in what you would like to sell, tell us how you would like your gold to be picked up and we send you a free quote without pushy sales guys

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Frequently asked questions

How to sell gold for bitcoin?

Step 1: Tell us what you would like to sell

Step 2: Get a quote for your gold

Step 3: Decide if you like your price

Step 4: Bring your gold to us, or let us schedule a pickup

Step 5: Receive your BTC once the gold is checked and arrived

Why sell gold for bitcoin?

Gold and bitcoin have proven to be a stable hedge against the stock market. If you sell gold for bitcoin you diversify your investment portfolio and harm yourself against a potential financial crisis or collapse.

Can you sell physical gold for bitcoin?

You can sell gold to buy bitcoin at Bitgild. You can request a quote for your gold. Once approved by you the gold can be picked up or brought to the warehouse. After verificatoin of the authencity of the gold, you will receive bitcoin in return.

Where to sell gold for bitcoin?

At Bitgild you can sell gold and silver for bitcoin. Bitgild has an online process in place where you can easily request a quote for your gold or silver. Once you agree on the price, Bitgild will pick up the gold, verify it and send you bitcoin in exchange.

Sell your gold for bitcoin